Re: Adamant Rudeness - Cut and Dodge

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 22:29:01 MDT

On Tue, 2 May 2000 wrote:

> Most of all, I think that name calling insulting phrases
> (whether referring to an individual OR the ideas they write)
> are a cheap, easy way out of an argument.

...or a cheap, easy way into one.

Most of the time I'm not trying to be deliberately insulting--
some people will simply take offense at simple, honest things
(Christians, for example, send me hate mail about my web page on
atheism even though it's as wimpy and conciliatory as I can
possibly make it without outright lying). But other times,
deliberately skirting the line between "insulting" and "not
insulting"--pretending for the moment that such a line exists
and is definable--can provoke arguments that need to be provoked.

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