Politeness as Currency for Survival (was) Buzzwords (was)

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Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 22:23:05 MDT

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> Politeness is a survival characteristic many places I've traveled.
> is not.

Yes, survival. A logical move. It's a good way to test the water before you
jump in and sling mud!

[In fact when I sited individuals on the list with whom I was diametrically
opposed to ideologically, but said still they acted like gentlemen, I was
specifically thinking of you and Mike.]

What this achieves is that I listen to your opinions with a far more open
mind, and look for ways in which we *agree* - rather than searching for the
things we don't.

Because I do not favor dogma, many people think that because I find fault
with one part of the "party line" I am against every part of their program.
For example: I don't favor more gun control laws, just stricter enforcement
of the existing ones, and more personal responsibility in sellers and
handling. And I am in favor of legalizing all victimless crimes. And I back
Microsoft all the way, they have my vote. But I am not in favor of child
labor or withdrawing educational funding or stopping housing and food
programs for the poor and handicapped and old until a new system is in place.
Unless you can assure me that I won't be one of those in need of aid. I ain't
rich enough to be a libertarian, boys. And I still get free lunches .....hmm.
today's was free. In fact I get one tomorrow again!
; - )
Politeness buys us all a chance to learn more about each other's POV - and
learn. Which I hope makes us both more educated about our opposing views --
and perhaps we're a little the better for knowing each other?

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