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Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 21:34:17 MDT

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<< Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
>Politeness is a disease I have no use for[...]
 My $0.02: though I agree with almost all of your post (i.e.: addressing
 ideas, not people; responding to issues objectively etc.) I personally find
 no reason *not* to be polite. I can't think of any conversations or
 correspondances I have had which have suffered as a result of inherent
 politeness. Come to think of it, most correspondances have been enhanced
 by politeness, in my opinion; (but that *is*, after all, just my
 opinion...criticize at will). >>

Everyone has an's mine..

Politeness is good. I'm in favor of politeness.

In fact...I'm reminded of an incident related to me lo these many years
(decades) agoby a co-worker. He was in a CW (country AND western.....both
kinds of music) bar. Just minding his own business. (In dallas texas in the
late sixties) when a "damnyankee" (his words) started mouthing off to some
cowboys. Very shortly thereafter they drug him(the yankee) out by his heels.
 It doesn't pay to be rude to cowboys.

So the tale goes. I beleive it probably happened. My personal experience
indicates that "every day discourse" (a new jersy freight dock comes to mind)
would constitute "fighting words" in (texas, wyoming, montana) many parts of
the country.

Politeness is a survival characteristic many places I've traveled. Rudeness
is not.


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