RE: Working Within the System

From: Billy Brown (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 20:36:10 MDT

Emlyn (pentacle) wrote:
> > It will certainly be an improvement over building XML wrappers or using
> > message queues to build cross-platform bridges. Now if only we could
> > convince the Java camp to bother implementing a communications bridge...
> >
> So people are still using Java?

Heh. Well, I know people who are learning Java, people who are teaching
Java, and people who are talking about Java. I've yet to find anyone who has
actually built anything with Java, aside from the personal toy-project stuff
we all do to evaluate new technology.

But it would be nice to be able to tell clients "yes, we can communicate
with Java if you ever decide to use it for something". Its too bad Sun is so
intent on maintaining a closed system.

Billy Brown

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