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Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 19:51:42 MDT

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> That phenomenon is interesting, and seems to be an effect of an
> interesting interaction: (1) I read all posts made, in order, with
> no heed to poster or thread; (2) When I see any opinion or idea
> expressed that I have strong opinions about, I respond with my own,
> quoting only the words being responded to; (3) You and I seem to be
> interested in similar topics, but come at them from nearly opposite
> points of view; (4) I'm frequently rude.

I agree that we have different opinions, but not opposite. On some issues I
agree with you 100%, and on others I think your "rudeness" manifests itself
in your ideas. Rand was terrifically correct diagnosing societal ills, but
she was so sadly lacking in compassion that she was unable to find solutions
to work in action.

You are, of course, free to call me a
> boorish ass, and I will not object.

I would not presume. It's simply not in my nature to insult, unless I am
joking around.

> : even more than politeness in
> general I have no respect at all for patronizing paternalism.
> If you think I should give you a break because of your gender,
> think again.

Darling, your being called a gentleman has nothing to do with MY gender. It
is a term for well bred, well mannered behavior in men. Gentle + man. If you
despise such a term, so be it. However, if you practised being a gentlemen to
among gentlemen, you will find more receptive audience.

> I agree, but there's lots of stupid ideas, some of mine included.
> I will not cripple the effective communication here by coddling
> people's feelings instead of telling it like I see it.

Coddling implies that you think that if we have feelings when you insult us
we are babies. We are not babies. I have an aversion to blatant disregard for
courtesy. OK, I hear you that YOU think it's a disease, but I assure you, I
am a healthy individual and courtesy is favored as a value by many.

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