RE: Working Within the System

From: Billy Brown (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 16:18:28 MDT

Emlyn (pentacle) wrote:
> Completely off topic, my personal continuing investigation of COM (MS
> architecture for bits of programs to talk to each other) has led to the
> interesting information that Linux now has COM, which the Kylix project
> (Delphi on Linux, a Borland/Inprise project) will use to make Delphi work
> Linux, and make Delphi code portable between Windows and Linux (I imagine
> with severe restrictions).

Cool. Is the COM support someone's add-on project, or is it actually part of
a new Linux release?

> More interesting than that is the very real idea
> that a heterogeneous network of Linux & Windows machines can have programs
> communicating via COM (more correctly DCOM), which is really a very high
> level communications architecture. So some really hardcore
> between Linux and Windows is becoming available.

It will certainly be an improvement over building XML wrappers or using
message queues to build cross-platform bridges. Now if only we could
convince the Java camp to bother implementing a communications bridge...

Billy Brown

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