Re: Smart Pistols

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 07:54:34 MDT

From: Chuck Kuecker <>

>All I own is mechanical guns. I don't trust those newfangled
>electrickal gadgets.

Many of my associates won't own a semi-automatic for personal
defense because they don't consider them reliable enough.

>You definitely a point here. My business partner and I have been
>building just such HERF weapons - and they are death to unshielded
>processors. The original intent was to disable outboard motors,
>but no one seems to be interested.

>You didn't think I would hack something and not harden it, now did

>As an example - 750 kW peak at X-band (aircraft magnetron) pulse
>rate ~50 Hz, will disable, but not destroy the ECU in Dodge vans
>at 50 feet range. The same device aimed UP into the engine
>compartment of my wife's 1991 VW Vanagon didn't even make the
>engine stumble. The same device will fry an Intel PC (smoke and
>all) at a range of 10 feet. It's all in the execution of the

Love HERF guns. I suppose you are aware that HERF guns are on law
enforcements most-want-to-have list. You should find a ready


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