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From: Chuck Kuecker (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 06:40:31 MDT

At 06:44 PM 5/1/00 -0400, Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >
> > Maybe I am starting to like this "smart gun" idea...
>You'll like it right up until some smart alec gun hater gets a little
>EMP/ECM device that fries the circuits on people's self defense guns
>(not to mention when this becomes a common criminal and cop accessory)
>At that point all law abiding people will be at the total mercy of both
>cops and crooks (same same). This technology WILL be developed, because
>it is just too damn useful for law enforcement to be able to disable the
>guns of people their are trying to arrest or simply kill, especially in
>SWAT situtions, Waco type situations, etc. Don't throw away your
>mechanical guns. If they get banned, just bury them somewhere safe...You
>WILL see this material again.

All I own is mechanical guns. I don't trust those newfangled electrickal

You definitely a point here. My business partner and I have been building
just such HERF weapons - and they are death to unshielded processors. The
original intent was to disable outboard motors, but no one seems to be

You didn't think I would hack something and not harden it, now did you?

As an example - 750 kW peak at X-band (aircraft magnetron) pulse rate ~50
Hz, will disable, but not destroy the ECU in Dodge vans at 50 feet range.
The same device aimed UP into the engine compartment of my wife's 1991 VW
Vanagon didn't even make the engine stumble. The same device will fry an
Intel PC (smoke and all) at a range of 10 feet. It's all in the execution
of the circuit.

Chuck Kuecker

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