Re: Working Within the System

From: Emlyn (pentacle) (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 02:26:53 MDT

Martin Ling wrote:
> > Anyone who is bored by such discussion, just remember that your future
> > wearables/surgical implants may very well run an MS or MS derived OS,
> At the moment, I do find this quite unlikely. I'm active on some of
> the wearable lists, and have my own construction in progress (minus the
> display, for now).

Which lists would be good for a wearable-wannabe like myself? I'm not much
of a hardware junky... I just want to be a robot. Too much Doctor Who when I
was a littlun. I saw the cybermen, and thought "Now there's a plan...".

Seriously, I've been more motivated recently to check out wearables, and
would love some pointers to lists.

> The vast majority of efforts in progress are using Linux or other
> unices, since MS systems don't posess the flexibility to move
> to that environment. Which is not to say, of course, that MS could not
> produce software for wearables - but I imagine by the time they take
> any steps in that direction other
> But there are also ideas about doing something completely new - the
> current thread on wear-hard is a discussion of the possibilities of
> using custom code on Z80 derivatives... maybe some old skills coming
> back to life here :)

Excellent. I recently took my first step in mobile computing, getting myself
a notebook. I can't overstate what a difference it has made to my life!!!
However, notebooks have their limitations; they are still so removed.
Wearable computing is the way to go. I have no doubt that it is the way of
the (near) future; I want a piece of the action!

Completely off topic, my personal continuing investigation of COM (MS
architecture for bits of programs to talk to each other) has led to the
interesting information that Linux now has COM, which the Kylix project
(Delphi on Linux, a Borland/Inprise project) will use to make Delphi work on
Linux, and make Delphi code portable between Windows and Linux (I imagine
with severe restrictions). More interesting than that is the very real idea
that a heterogeneous network of Linux & Windows machines can have programs
communicating via COM (more correctly DCOM), which is really a very high
level communications architecture. So some really hardcore interoperability
between Linux and Windows is becoming available.

So this Linux vs Windows stuff... should we all just kiss and make up? I'm
using the dark side of the force, in case you haven't noticed.


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