_Star Trek_ pilot episode with Captain Pike (also, ending world beauty hunger)

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 02:45:20 MDT

Spike wrote:
Matt are you old enough to have seen the pilot for Star Trek? Something like
this happened. It was way cool. The techno-gods causes a guy to halucinate
so that a really messed up accident woman was babe-ized. What we wouldn't
give for that tech today. spike

Having that sort of "telepathic" tech would be quite incredible, but
frankly, even as a young boy watching that episode I was repelled!! I
wanted that couple to be REALLY healed of their horrible crippling injuries
and be the beautiful and healthy people they only appeared to be. Poor
Captain Pike! Green light, red light for answering questions! The couple
should have been cryonically suspended till federation tech could heal them.
And with 23rd century cryonics that should not be any problem!!

I want a world of where every women is a "babe(among other qualities)" and
every man a "hunk." Then we can simply compete over wealth, intelligence,
character and personality! Human beauty is such an intoxicating drug that
so many hunger to have and to share with others, there needs to be enough to
go around for all.

I propose the "End World Beauty Hunger" project, whose grand goal is to make
every child, teen and adult on the planet very goodlooking. At this point
in human societal development this may seem rediculous, but before the next
century is out it will not be. When hunger, disease and poverty are wiped
away, this problem will be seen as one of the next steps up for humanity.



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