Re: Buzzwords (was)Judging Beauty (the sociobiological big three!)

From: john grigg (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 01:57:42 MDT

QueeneMuse wrote:
>This is exactly what I mean when I say 'fashionable' trends of thought.
> >Thereyou have three of the most popular trends of blah-blah available
> >today in one sentence.

>1. The selfish gene rules your actions

Just gotta reproduce no matter what!! Honey, this is why I can't stop
cheating on you, sorry! Alot of this is mentality is also cultural, but
still interweaved with biology. Dawkins is a hero around here, though.

>2. The lizard brain is responsible for your bad actions

I got mad, the lizard brain part of me took over and I beat the guy to
death! Can it be my fault? The fight or flight response can be a hard one
to deal with in the modern world. I have had it simply get in my way when I
wanted to turn it off or lower the volume on it.

>3. Beauty is for breeding only

Of course not. But beauty is a POWERFUL force that goes beyond Madison
Avenue peddlers. Beauty is for social status too, don't forget! Beauty can
be social currency with alot of zeros on those bills!! ;)

>I've experienced the same arguments over and over at cocktail parties >and
>conferences -- and they are all based on mildly theoretical best >sellers
>containing lots of buzzwords. I reject all three as a >justification for
>not taking responsibility for your own choices.

I agree with you Nadia. It is important to realize the biological
influences in our lives, but not think they are constantly overpowering us,
while we are near-helpless pawns.

best wishes,


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