Re: Y10K, & "Who needs the Gregorian calendar, anyway?"

From: Emlyn (pentacle) (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 20:45:38 MDT

> Well, at least you would be giving plenty of 29 year old women an excuse
> never age....
> The extra day and a quarter could be kept as Memory Leakage Day, and would
> belong to a month. Of course, you could make Memory Leakage Day equivalent
> February 10th, since I already own that day (in Lowell, Massachusetts, Feb
> is Michael Scott Lorrey Day).
If you are going to have a Memory Leakage Day (every day for me I'm afraid),
then there could be 1 and a quarter the first year, sure. But then the
earth's orbit would expand due to some mass fluctuation property of the sun
(of which we had previously been unaware), and we'd have two memory leakage
days the next year, then three, then four, five, ten, twenty, and soon the
calendar would be rendered entirely useless (not to mention the icy death in
the void the rest of us).

An important life lesson is to never put yourself in a situation where the
worst thing which can happen next would also be the most ironic; it is then
naturally bound to occur.

Like if my computer crashed righf$d #$#2.....

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