Re: smart pistols (not so smart !)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 19:22:20 MDT wrote:
> -James Rogers wrote:
> >Now that you mention it, I've already seen this done on similar devices.
> >Creative individuals have hacked electronic firing systems so that you can
> >control both the trigger mode (semi, burst, auto) and the cyclic rate for
> >automatic modes (burst, auto). These hacks were done on electronically
> >controlled semi-only systems.
> This has already been done with the electropneumatic markers (Paintball
> Guns) that are on the market now. In the UK, full auto is illegal, so the
> manufacturers of the most advanced marker, The Angel. make it with a "snap
> off part" on the guns PCB to render it semi auto only for the UK. There are
> already kits for making the guns fully auto again.
> These kits cost next to nothing and are made by people with little
> electronics expertise.

Of course such people, according to some, should be branded violent
criminals, asocial psychopaths with no regard for public safety....

> Id agree 100% with James Rogers:
> >I guarantee that these mods would be on the street within days of the
> >introduction of these types of control systems. The cruel irony of
> >unintended consequences...heh.
> And it wont be paint flying out of these guns. On the plus side. I think
> any extra security feature on firearms is good. This system could reduce the
> amount of accidental deaths and injuries caused when kids find their parents
> guns.

Being for more safety for kids always sounds reasonable, and nobody
wants to be seen as 'hating babies', however the mere fact that more
toddlers die in 5 gallon buckets than are killed with guns indicates
that there may not really be that much of a safety problem, especially
considering accidental injury and death from firearms is at an all time
historical low (ever since they started taking stats in 1903).

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