Re: smart pistols

Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 18:05:26 MDT

>Yes, less trigger pull: few grams, even two grams, but here the
>shooting technique Is very peculiar (pulsating finger, etc.), due to
>some neuro-muscular inhibition. But also a constant trigger pull,
>not depending on weather conditions. The sear-hammer friction,
>in mechanical triggers, depends on weather conditions. The new
>Morini (a swiss firm) electronic trigger is much smaller, about 3.5
>cm x 1 cm, with chip, memories, solenoid and a watch battery.
>Electronic triggers are (much) slower than mechanical triggers.

    Not at all, sorry to mention Paintball guns yet again, but the Angel is
capable of out firing just about any "small firearm". It can fire upto 15
rounds per sec limited only by the gravity fed ammo. It would be faster if a
spring feed was used, in semi auto it can fire more than 10 rounds per sec.
The gun we are talking about would be capable of firing as quickly if not

>No, they are not. The electrodes are in contact with the primer at all
>times, and the only thing that occurs at the point of trigger pull is
>the current flow and spark. This takes much less time than the
>time it takes for a firing pin to move, at least in the models I've
>Michael S. Lorrey

    I agree Micheal.


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