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From: Martin Ling (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 16:08:47 MDT

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 04:16:22PM -0400, Michael S. Lorrey wrote:
> As I have stated, the fact is that the only version of linux that is anywhere
> near being as easy to install as windows [snip] is the Corel release

This is a subjective judgement. Personally I find it the *hardest*.

Why, just because I wanted to argue my "it's subjective" point?

No, because the install simply fails to work on many machines.

> (and thus the only one qualified to be price compared for similar value)

I'm afraid I fail to understand this logic. When did we suddenly decide
that the installation procedure (something most consumers never deal
with anyway!) was the important factor in the value of an OS?

> argument, which I contested Judge Jackson's claim that consumers were harmed by
> having to pay more for Windows (and thus any OS) than they should have had to.

This aspect of the case was dealing with preinstalled copies of Windows.
I agree that the Linux installation programs are not as easy as the
Windows ones. But the vast majority of users have never installed any
operating system themselves, and would also have difficulty with that of

(if the tables were reversed and they all had neatly setup Linux
installations preinstalled, and were trying to understand things
when trying to install Windows instead, all would be exactly the same).


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