Re: Working Within the System

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 14:05:24 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:

> >From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
> >The issue isn't downloads, its hardcopy, and I'd be very interested in
> >finding sources of cds for 2-3 dollars. The utility cost of downloading
> >100M or more, especially if your local phone usage rates are not capped,
> >is less than going out and buying the CD.
> So for you, software isn't free unless the supplier puts it onto some
> physical storage medium and brings it to you for no charge? If that's the
> case then, for you, there will probably never be STAAFL.

If you download the software, you still need a backup copy of the download. Burn
to CD? Ok, thats another hour or so of your time and another buck or so for a
blank CD-R ($20/hr + $1.25/CD-R = $21.25). Or you can use a Zip disk at $10 a
pop plus 15 minutes of my time ($10 + $5.00 = $15.00). What people don't
understand is that what the 'free software' deal is about is that it really
isn't free, its just externalizing costs. You do pay for it one way or another.
When you need tech support, you have to either spend a couple hours or more
researching existing databases, or call up and pay one of the Linux-Inc startups
for tech support help. The online help and the system help on every
implementation I've seen is poor (when you get it in English), and books always
seem to miss important information, either because they want you to call for
support too, or else they expect you to spend a couple-leven days wading through
the entirety of a 1500 page manual.

True free software is trouble free software. How likely is that?

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