Re: Fw: Mitnick Muzzled (Hacker Hamstrung?)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 05:37:17 MDT wrote:
> CNet has an interview with Kevin Mitnick at
> Here, an important new piece of information comes out which suggests
> that the actions to restrict Mitnick's speaking engagements is in fact
> based on terms which he agreed to for his probation:
> Q: Why do you think they've given you this prohibition?
> A: The conditions of my probation are that I couldn't act as computer
> consultant or advisor, and the probation department is interpreting
> that to be that I'm not allowed to speak or write about technology.
> Earlier the only provision mentioned from his agreement was that he could
> not use computer technology, and it was hard to see how making money
> speaking about computers would fall under that prohibition. But if
> Mitnick also agreed not to act as a computer consultant or advisor,
> then I think it is very reasonable to interpret that to preclude his
> speaking about computer issues for a fee.
> My guess is that the purpose of this provision is to restrict Mitnick
> from profiting due to his notoriety as a hacker. Otherwise there is
> danger that he could become a role model, which might encourage others
> to try to emulate his celebrity by commiting computer crimes of their own.
> Mitnick's probation lasts for three years. After that he has all the
> rights and privileges of any other convicted felon. But until then he
> is under close judicial supervision. Probation is granted in place of
> jail time. It's sort of a halfway condition. Even though Mitnick is
> walking around freely, he doesn't have the rights of a free man.

So he has to get a job bagging groceries, oops they use computers.
He can get a job digging ditches, oops, they use computers now too.
He could get a job as a janitor, oops, most buildings are computerized,
and even the punch clock everybody uses these days is a computer, so
punching his 'time card' would constitute 'operating a computer'.
I suppose he could go work with the illegal immigrants picking lettuce
for three years, I don't know if they've computerized those jobs yet...

There is very little that one can do in life these days that doesn't
require the use of a computer at some point in time. They might as well
have asked him to curl up and die (i'll bet he even has to use a
computer to go on welfare now), I'm sure they are hoping he'll do just
that. In the meantime, there are a number of technology people that are
simply sending him money and stuff to help him out. If you are
interested in supporting the private welfare effort of Kevin Mitnick,
America's number one non-person, go to and go to the
kevin Mitnick home page...

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