Re: SPACE: Brown Dwarf's and Superintelligences

Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 22:06:49 MDT

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<< That
 probably isn't impossible, it just may require more metallic material
 than is locally available to accomplish this in reasonable timescales.
 The path I outlined does not require that and would seem to have
 moderately short time scales except for orbital corrections.
 Robert >>
>From your previous epsitle which I subsequently hacked and pasted, I took it
to mean that because scientists had not yet discovered Mind-life; that the
logic would dictate that such developments were unlikely to ever occur. What
I was trying to do is say to you is Don't Give Up The Starship. That merely
because intelliegent life is Currently extremely rare, doesn't preclude that
someday, perhaps ump-teen billion years from now, it shall be the rule rather
then the exception. Sorry for the mis-comunication.


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