Re: NEWS: Is cloning key to fountain of youth?

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 18:08:26 MDT

People should read my commentary from yesterday on this.
MSNBC is basically reformatting the Reuter's article which
was seriously flawed.

Barely trust and take the time to verify....
Otherwise you too can believe in "miracles"!

"Why Dorothy, you could go home all along!
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The Life Extension Foundation has a more serious discussion
I haven't finished reading it yet to know how much they are
going overboard as well, but if the title ("Conquering
Aging with Cloning") is any indication they too are in
the miracle promotion business.

Does anyone know if LEF is supporting the Advanced Cell Tech
research? (That at least would explain any positive press).

All this @#$!@$&# hype because scientists *accidentally* manage
to do something the germ cells in males do every every single day.
There is a lot more "spin" than "science" here.


On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, Dan Fabulich wrote:

> April 27 - Cloning could offer a key to the fountain
> of youth, say scientists whose six cloned cows
> show signs of being younger than their
> chronological ages. Their cloning method appears
> to have reversed the aging process of cells,
> opening the door to creating organs that are nearly
> immortal for use in transplants, they said
> Thursday.
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