Re: will aircars destroy the auto industry?

Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 15:45:55 MDT

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> Mike, that 20 MPG number is a fantasy bud. Otherwise
> its back to aerodynamics 101 for me. {8^D spike

As I've mentioned previously, I've spent a good deal of my life playing
around with aircraft ("Zey are not TOYS!" shouted in a heavy German accent -
"Flight of the Phoenix"). You get a feel for what will fly on an instinctive
level from designing and building aircraft with your own hands. Some
designers just have "it" when it comes to capturing the instinctive shapes
for flight. Burt Rutan is the best example of this: As way out as some of
his designs seem to folks who haven't spent a lot of time around airplanes,
flyers almost always react to his designs with a gut sigh of admiration.

I don't have Spike's technical prowess in aerodymanics (althoughI know
they're great - someone who has the sense of flight at Mach 20 is my hero),
but to this stick-and-rudder guy, the Moller Aircar "just don't look right".

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