Re: Working Within the System

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 14:22:34 MDT

> > As one who deeply respects Gates and Microsoft, I want MS to resume as it
> > has for the last decade: innovative, growing and successful; working within
> > a system which has none of those facets makes it hard for me to see how it
> > can be done.
> I strongly advise you to read Judge Jackson's original Findings of Fact
> in the Microsoft case, at:
> Microsoft's practices have sought to establish and maintain a monopoly
> in the operating system field. They have then used the leverage this has
> given them to establish strongholds in other areas. In all of these,
> they have ignored standards compliance, acted uncompetetively to the
> point of illegality and in general been directly in the way of free and
> open control of technological development - something I know people on
> this list support.

Speak for yourself. I think we all know Microsoft has done these
things--I certainly do. My reactions is "so what's your point?"
Sure, Microsoft has bent every rule in the book, but that's
exactly Shaun's point: why does it continue to support a system
with such silly rules that it has to stretch to build an honest
monopoly? Why support a system that makes it more difficult than
it naturally is to subvert public standards for fun and profit?

Unlike Shaun, I would never have even used the word "innovative"
since I know Microsoft has been anything but, but I still agree
with his point. Why do we tolerate a system that foces people to
play "fair" where that definition is ludicrous?

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