GENE / SOC: More debates with the luddites

Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 10:22:55 MDT

For entertainment value only, I pass on more of my posts in a predominantly
"anti-GM" forum:

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> >So only children conceived "the old fashioned
> way" can be considered to be
> >the child of the parent? Does this mean that
> children conceived as a matter
> >of choice when a parent's circumstances are
> better than they would be without
> >that choice are somehow not "natural", or at
> least considered to be the
> >parent's offspring?
> As you are opposing the 'old fashioned way' I'm
> assuming you have an alternative.

I am by no means "opposing the 'old fashioned way'". Rather, I am asking
that people have the right to choose to pursue their goals in ways that more
conservative people may not approve of. I wouldn't presume to tell you how
to have children, although I might not personally approve of a choice that
condemned a person conceived "the old fashioned way" to a life of disease and
disability when an alternative was available.

> How do you determine the parents of someone
> conceived in a laboratory ?

How do you determine the parents of an adopted child? I call a parent an
adult who takes on the loving responsibility to nurture a child to a healthy

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