Working Within the System

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 09:11:48 MDT

While watching the news of the forced split of Microsoft last night, I was
again witness to the admirable but infuriating assertion by Bill Gates that
he was confident that "...justice would be served in the end."
Unfortunately, I don't believe it. What I can't understand is why such
driven, high profile and all-around successful people choose to work within
a system which frequently works against them. MS has done far more for the
government (and indeed, the public as a whole) than the government has done
for them.

As one who deeply respects Gates and Microsoft, I want MS to resume as it
has for the last decade: innovative, growing and successful; working within
a system which has none of those facets makes it hard for me to see how it
can be done.

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