Re: SPACE: Brown Dwarf's and Superintelligences

Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 09:18:28 MDT

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<< The failure to colonize the galaxy completely, argues that
  (a) intelligent technological life is very difficult; and/or
  (b) diversity desirability or morality function(s) come into play; and/or
  (c) the diminishing computational returns of widely distributed
      computronium supporting advanced "civilizations" make endless
      expansion pointless. >>
Whoa! Or it might just mean that it takes 30 Billion years to produce MINDS*
that are technologically capable of colonizing Brown Dwarfs as nano-class
minds? The cosmos might be mostly empty of intelliegence of any kind for
billions and billions of years. Just because a Von Newmann, or a Bracewell
highlight the path, doesn't mean that there will not be huge bottle-necks
along the way. But eventually...eventually...

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