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Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 04:26:15 MDT

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Subject: Welcome here, Steve Nichols! (our resident extropian mesmerizer
and wizard)


>Steve, this list can at times be a tough crowd! I also read over your
>website pages and felt there needed to be much more detailed and scientific
>information on exactly how 'magick' and hypnosis can lead to moving one's
>life in a transhuman direction. It did come off as being very "new agey."
>Considering your interests and education it should not be a problem for you
>to improve the content and I realize you are just getting started. I do
>like how you are trying to find the power and value of ancient systems of
>thought and religion.

Yes, I do think there are some 'timeless' themes on which ancient thought
can still be relevent. It helps keep us grounded maybe.

>I am a big fan of hypnosis and have a strong interest in bettering my own
>life. Do you sell audio or videotapes for self-hynosis? I have bought
>type of thing before but never garnered the results I wanted. I look
>forward to learning more from you. I hope you new ezine really takes off.

I make hypnosis tapes for my clients on a personalised basis having worked
with them. Very few "general purpose" hypnotherapy tapes will be much good
.... for example, if you have a fear of water the instruction to "float
gently down a river" will not be very relaxing, even counterproductive!
Individuals have differingexperience of trance, and it helps to address the
person by name, and also to have some idea of the type of mentation they
experience in trance (lights, colours, noises or mainly kinaesthetic
impulses &c.). You can then amplify these, or use cues you know will help
the client enter trance.

Having said all that, I find Stephen Brookes' (British Hypnosis Research )
general purpose tape worthwhile since it is very non-specific, and he is a
good hypnotherapist.

Thanks for comments about -zine ...... we are busy improving
the content continually, and take on board the various points that have been

>best wishes,

>John Grigg

"There is no part of me that is not of the gods "(Mathers)

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