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Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 17:18:52 MDT

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> Subject: Risks and Life Insurance
> Someone brought to my attention that John Grigg had asked for my
> (and Fred Chamberlain's) on delaying buying life insurance.

As a lawyer who has done a good deal of work related to life insurance, I
can't stress enough how wise Mike Darwin's advice is. Buying a whole life
policy to support a cryonics contract when you're relatively young and
healthy is CHEAP. Yes, medical technology and other things may develop fast
enough that you don't end up needing this investment by say, 2050, when you
might be a candidate for suspension. But if that's how things turn out, your
life insurance policy will have turned out to be only a so-so investment -
you can still have the cash value if the tools of cryonics and life insurance
are somehow made obsolete. In retrospect, your life insurance policy will
have been a savings account which you can spend on a trip to Io or more RAM
for your uploaded self.

If you're in your 20s or 30s, you really ought to get a quote on a life
insurance policy to fund a cryonics contract. It costs nothing to do so and
is pretty easy and quick. Just finding out how inexpensive it is will be may
be the best spur to going ahead getting signed up. If you're interested, I
or any other Alcor member can refer you to a life insurance agent who can
work with you. Mary Naples sold me the NYLife whole life policy I used to
fund my suspension contract. She's a real professional with extremely high
business ethics and has done a lot to make cryonics a financially viable
alternative to turning into worm food.

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