Welcome here, Steve Nichols! (our resident extropian mesmerizer and wizard)

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 15:14:29 MDT

Steve Nichols wrote:
I dwell in many worlds, including some 'celebrity' and 'TV' circles, as well
as various industries (games software, property, media, printing &c). What I
might lack in specialist 'depth' in some areas, I tend to make up for
bybreadth/ bandwidth. My 'people -network' is fairly extensive, (and some of
my friends even more-so) and I have reached a point now that I can sometimes
facilitate various 'matchings' between individuals & ideas, often across
fields, that tend to be very productive.

I am very glad you are here. I read over your educational achievements and
what you are setting out to do and was very impressed. I think you will
have a new way of looking at things that will make for a more interesting
extropian list and also further the aims of transhumanism.

KPJ wrote:
I hereby label those web pages as ``new age fluff''. >WHAM!<

Steve, this list can at times be a tough crowd! I also read over your
website pages and felt there needed to be much more detailed and scientific
information on exactly how 'magick' and hypnosis can lead to moving one's
life in a transhuman direction. It did come off as being very "new agey."
Considering your interests and education it should not be a problem for you
to improve the content and I realize you are just getting started. I do
like how you are trying to find the power and value of ancient systems of
thought and religion.

I am a big fan of hypnosis and have a strong interest in bettering my own
life. Do you sell audio or videotapes for self-hynosis? I have bought this
type of thing before but never garnered the results I wanted. I look
forward to learning more from you. I hope you new ezine really takes off.

best wishes,

John Grigg
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