Re: wee-little question regarding extropian philosophy

Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 04:51:25 MDT

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<< IMO, extropianism allows for the evolution of the mind beyond any
 limited perspectives of logic/rationalism currently available.
 The problem would be to detail such directions.
 It would appear to be hard to develop a "trans"-rational philosophy.
 Robert >>
Well, if Roboto minds are developable in a massively, intelligent and
super-capable sense over the eons, does that preclude emotion? If one is
uploaded to a Jupiter Brain, are the emotions generated by our nervous system
(as a subset of the bodies that we are) lost forever? Is that us (our
persona) being uploaded? Since emotions seem to canote 'values' which have
been important to assisting in survival-will that be lost? Alternatively, do
we desire emotion-infused A.I. that is capabale of tearing apart solar


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