Re: fix this?: Re: a reading assignment for Zero

From: Emlyn (pentacle) (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 03:49:05 MDT

Zero wrote:
> > Well I'm sure that at some point I glanced over them. But what I meant
> > convey is that I haven't studied them in any detail or committed any of
> > to memory. From reading a Wired article from way back is how I heard
> > the extropians, and I basically knew that they are for maximizing human
> > potential, health and longevity. That is enough for me to know that my
> > interests are in line with extropian basics. But I haven't felt the
need so
> > far to study the principles or join the institute for that matter.
> I think you'll find that a lot of the things you've been arguing about
here the
> last few months would be explained to you if you took a few minutes and
> read them.
> Mike Lorrey

Myself, I've only just gotten around to reading "Engines of Creation". I'm
kicking myself for not reading it earlier; great stuff. I've just recently
got myself a notebook, which has made reading the online version (from
Foresight Institute, far more
appealing. I guess I oughta throw them a few ducats... mumble mumble...


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