Re: Where to look for the answers for ourselves

Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 22:15:54 MDT

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> Tipler's notion is completely additive: if other immortality bids fail,
> his idea might still somehow come thru for us. I estimate cryonics
> gives you about a 10% chance of resurrection, Tipler adds another
> 1% or so, Singularity deciding it likes you: 5%, nanotech/uploading
> about 20%, all other notions including traditional religion, negligible.
> So the good news is we have better than a one in three chance of
> indefinite survival, and yes I acknowledge the possiblity I am fooling
> myself. {8^D spike

Personally, I see a lot of wishful thinking in the whole lot. resurrection is
a strange wish to boot!

Cryonics is a lark or a gamble at best, and Tipler is utter nonsense since it
is in no way useful or practical. But good news still comes out of even the
most hairbrained ideas *if* it spurs research and desire strong enough to
live "forever" - and so increases the *quality*, importance, and length of
time we have here.
Upwards and onwards.......

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