a hospice, a stage and even a chapel for the cryonics enclave

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 03:35:37 MDT

The ideas for the cryonics enclave continue to roll forth. The hospice will
be built in the advanced stages of the project. I was somehow surprised but
delighted to read that an "interfaith chapel" of some kind would be built.
I just hope a bunch of bullying extropians don't come over and make trouble
there! :)

best regards,


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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 18:14:58 -0500
From: david pizer <pizer@primenet.com>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #13622 - #13629
At 05:00 AM 4/24/00 -0400, CryoNet wrote:
>Message #13623>
>From: kabu <kabu@kanon.to>>
>Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 21:31:56 +0900
>Subject: cryonics community need art

>Dave, this is Kaburagi. (Call me >Kabu) Sorry for my "turtle" response,
> >since my English ability is not so high-level. you said: What are the
> >things you want? Be specific!

>I want a musical instrument to play.

Kabu: You have to bring your own instrument, but we will have a place
where we all meet in the evenings to relax, play music, sing and do other
things to entertain each other.

>My wife does musical therapy at hospices in Japan.
>She visits patients in their rooms with her keyboard,
>Plays the songs they request her, And is appreciated by them very much.

Sounds nice. Not at first, but after we are further along with the
community and other facilities, we want to have a hospice for cryonicists
waiting to go into suspension. I'm sure your wife's music and attention
will be very welcome. Are you both signed up for cryonics?

>I want a small stage to do some performance. It isn't necessarily a >large
>Of course I want to hold a concert there.
>But even more fulfilling experience will be
>Putting making up a play with my friends
>And putting it on the stage all by ourselves.

Many people have asked for a place like this. And as mentioned above, we
will have a nice one. I want a place to pray. It isn't necessarily a

>But it would be wonderful
>If the building has a Buckminster Fuller's dome on its roof.

Mike Perry will be in charge of this. I am sure he will plan something
very beautiful.
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