RE: >should Extropianism have an Anthem?

From: Don Klemencic (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 11:49:18 MDT

What comes to mind is that little theme at the end of H.G.Wells' Things to
Come. The only lyric are the words "Which shall it be?", an echo of Cabal's
respond to Passworthy. That says it all for me.

It doesn't stand alone very well and the sound on the original is pretty
bad. I wonder if anyone could take that piece of film, maybe starting from
the cannon's firing, remaster the sound, and package it as a video? Do you
think the MTV crowd would turn on to that?

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>Countries have catchy tunes called anthems as do products that have been
>successfully marketed on television and radio. Maybe Extropianism should
>a catchy anthem. One selection might be one that is applicable to
>like Pink Floyd's Welcome To The Machine. "Welcome my son, welcome to the
>machine...voob voob voob...

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