Re: should Extropianism have an Anthem?

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 06:36:04 MDT writes:

> Regardless, I have a comment about any anthem that would attach
> itself to Extropic Thought/Extropic Art: It would have to be an
> "automorhing'* tune, one that changed as it was played, in order to
> be in anyway able to express anything Extropic. Or it could be a
> tune that once sang by an individual, would then pass to the next,
> who would add on to it and augment the chords or rhythm or words in
> some way -- so that by the passing of one or two days it'd be
> completely unrecognizable from what it started at. That would suit
> Muse.

I wrote up a semi-serious essay after reading too much algorithmic
complexity theory about whether a piece of music that eternally
increased in complexity could exist. I suggested using a "composer
program" that employed the growing complexity of the natural numbers
to produce the music (while individual numbers can have arbitrarily
high algorithmic complexity, generating them all in order is trivial -
the whole is simpler than the parts - the entire piece of music would
be much less complex than many of the phrases inside it). The most
interesting part was that to fully appreciate the music, you had to
grow with it, otherwise it would just become incomprehensible after a

Right now I would settle for some theme music software for everyday
life... <the extropian-transhumanist synthesizer theme fades over to
the neuroscience violins...>

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