Re: Holy Moly (Was Re: inspirational jingles for young people)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 23:30:29 MDT

> >Spike Jones: Changed my major from theology
> >to engineering. Atheists make poor ministers.
> Zero Powers wrote:Funny. I came to it from quite the opposite path. I was looking for
> "rational" evidence to support my belief when what I found had the opposite
> effect. I started reading stuff by the Jesus Seminar, notably _Honest to Jesus_, ...

I read some of the Jesus Seminar stuff too, the Five Gospels. Also
Bishop Spong's Why Christianity Must Change or Die.

Since then I have realized ***we dont neeeeed a leader***. Any leader.
We dont need one! Not Bill of Redmond, not Jesus of Nazareth,
not anyone. We dont need a prophet, we dont need a god, dont need
any of that. We only need to each look within ourselves to know the
answers. We need to watch Python's Life of Brian, and think about
what is being said there, its really profound as hell. spike

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