Re: evolution and religion

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 20:26:39 MDT

> Spike asked:
> Upon closer examination, Adam's altar stones were found to
> contain...fossils. [doooooh!]
> [john grigg has] heard alot of things, but never that story!...

Got off my lazy ass and looked it up, found this, on page 311 of
the very authoritative volume titled The Creationists: the Evolution
of Scientific Creationism by Ron Numbers:

[James Talmadge] had personally inspected a pile of stones at
Spring Hill, Missouri, declared by Joseph Smith to be part of the
altar on which Adam offered sacrifices, and had seen that it
contained fossilized animals. "If those stones be part of the first
altar," he reasoned, "Adam built it of stones containing corpses,
and therefore death must have prevailed in the earth before
Adam's time."

The article goes on to tell of U of Utah's Melvin A. Cook, Ph.D
in chemistry who championed creationism and promoted the notion
that radiocarbon dating could be telescoped down to about 13K yrs.
He was an explosives expert and eventually won the Nitro Nobel
Gold Medal, awarded for outstanding contribution to the field of
explosives, for his invention of water-gel slurry explosives. This
gave the creationists their own (Nitro) Nobel laureate. spike

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