Re: should Extropianism have an Anthem?

Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 17:12:14 MDT

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> For anthems I would suggest Marilyn Manson's "Posthuman" or Dj Spooky's
> "Posthuman Sophistry" Both are very nihilistic and futuristic, not to
> mention catchy
> Dave

I agree with Max, anthems probably aren't appropriate anyway ... but...
Were Extropians ever nihilists? Seems the opposite to me. As much as I love
Marilyn Manson and DJ Spooky, I think that any Extropian Anthem would have to
have a much brighter and sunnier genre... a totally NEW genre in fact...

Regardless, I have a comment about any anthem that would attach itself to
Extropic Thought/Extropic Art: It would have to be an "automorhing'* tune,
one that changed as it was played, in order to be in anyway able to express
anything Extropic. Or it could be a tune that once sang by an individual,
would then pass to the next, who would add on to it and augment the chords or
rhythm or words in some way -- so that by the passing of one or two days it'd
be completely unrecognizable from what it started at.
That would suit Muse.


(* Automorph is a phrase cleverly coined by Natasha Vita More to describe
self transformation. Examples can be seen on her web sites)

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