Re: Nanotech Restrictions

Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 02:17:48 MDT

I am curious to know what the list members think will be the real
differences between the "haves and the have-nots" a half-century
from now?
John Grigg

I have not answers, just (very modest) hints.

Is (Pareto) <fundamental> distribution law putting restraints on
this interesting question? Will this law be effective in 2050?

More is different.
References: P.W.Anderson, More is different, Science 177 (1972),
p. 393; J.A. Wheeler, At Home in the Universe, the Am. Inst. of
Physics, 1992, p. 308. In my modest opinion <have more> will
mean <have different>. Quality (information, life-style, etc.) not
quantity (e-money, etc.).

Kleinís bottle.
Towards some spread wealth? So that you can not keep personal
goods apart? Even now, in the napster mp3 system, your music is
Ö my music.

Is something already planned? What kind of taxation in 2050?
Quality taxation or quantity taxation (on capitals, incomes, etc.)?

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