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> I know these ideas seem new and radical for many youngsters. But for a lot
> of us old-timers, we are finally seeing the rest of the world catch up to
> what we have been dreaming since before many list members were born. Now
> that we are all dreaming similar dreams, how do we turn them into reality?
> I don't want to wait another 40 years for people to start talking about
> these "new" ideas and trying to turn them into reality.

Harvey, I'm with you 100% with these sentiments. In broad terms, most of the
ideas we discuss here have been percolating in my head for decades. This
time is now one of action, because a significant (but still small in absolute
terms) fraction of the world is finally catching up with us. Of course,
we're only at the "beginning of the beginning" and most of the acceleration
of progress to which we look forward DOES still lie in the future - even if
that future doesn't seem so far away now. In a sense, this is even more
frustrating than when the real progress seemed far away in the distant future.

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