Re: Waco Test Shows "OBVIOUS GUNFIRE"

Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 18:30:45 MDT

According to:

Results are being leaked from the analysis of the "Waco re-creation"
experiment last month by the court-appointed British team. According to
these early reports, the analysis leans away from gunfire and favors the
reflection theory. There seem to be a number of loose ends and open
questions, however. Chances are that no one will ever be convinced,
but as a matter of strategy the plaintiffs may be forced to turn to
other arguments if these court-appointed experts back the government.
The survivors' lawyer says:

   "There are many issues in our lawsuit. Gunfire is only one of them. It
   is not even the most serious issue in terms of loss of life. The most
   serious issue may be the decision not to have adequate firefighting
   equipment there on April 19," Mr. Caddell said."


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