Re: Is rational patriotism anti-extropian? I don't think so...

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> Been there, same thing happened to me. I have since come to the conclusion
> that this particular situation presents one of the few opportunities get
> direct and personal access to the reins of power. So the thing to do is to
> tell them what they want to hear, get on the jury, and do what you consider
> to be the right thing.
> I recommend this to anyone reading this post, and recommend that you pass
> the word to anyone who might ever find themselves with the opportunity to
> serve on a jury. If you care, DO NOT tell them "the truth", they'll boot
> your independent-minded self as far away from decison-making responsibility
> as they possibly can. Spin it so you get in a position of power (again, if
> you care), and then do what's called for.

Over and over again I see people I want on juries getting themselves
disqualified by not being subtle about their answers during the selection
process. This is often caused (IMO) consciously or unconsciously by their
desire to NOT spend the time and effort required to take part in the trial.
Of course you should be honest in your answers, but try to avoid expressing
extremely strong black-and-white opinions, and qualify your answers by saying
that you're sure you can follow the law and be fair and open-minded.

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