Re: Didn't need no welfare state

From: Waldemar Ingdahl (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 08:06:53 MDT

>1981 italians were 56.556.911
>1991 they were 56.778.031
>1998 they were 56.589.615 (plus 1.023.000 registered
>immigrants, mainly from north africa, plus about 1.000.000 not
>registered immigrants).
>We hope that (working) immigrants can sustain (by means of
>taxation) our welfare state. Otherwise our welfare state will crash
>very soon.

Hooray! Let it crash, Italy doesn´t need to import slaves.

>Of course we are not able to get taxes from mafia economy.

Because the Republic of Italy is the largest mafia;-)

>The negative birth-death balance in Italy is due, mainly, to the very
>chaotic living, and mental stress, and sudden wealth.

People´s lifestyles have changed during the 90´s. What´s the point of having
so many children?

>I.e.: we have about 200.000 different laws! Every year the tax rules
>and laws output is a printed strip, 3 kilometers long, in A4 format.

Still not as much as Sweden;-). And Italy many of these laws are luckily
ignored by the people.

Waldemar Ingdahl
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