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From: Steve (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 07:48:30 MDT

Date: 22 Apr 2000 21:23:01 +0200
From: Anders Sandberg <>
Subject: Re: Posthuman Easter greets

"Steve" <> writes:

> The posthuman egroup list has been discussing better alternatives to human
> pair-bonding monogamy/ monotony, for example.

So what else is new? It has been discussed here and elsewhere from
time to time too.

Sure, but I think the crossmatching/ quorum alternatives are specifically

> > So the swifter and more positive, radical, option is to declare yourself
> > post- or neohuman at the outset, act as though it were true, and wait
> > the changes to happen all by themselves!
> Oh! I'm a jupiter brain. This easter I'm going to act as if I was a
> ~100 km sphere of diamondoid quantum dot cellular automata, surrounded
> by a corona of solar collectors and radiators and with a mental
> capacity a few billon times the whole of humanity (it could have been
> more, but those posthuman screensavers take a *lot* of memory, even
> when they are not running). I can think billions of superhuman
> thoughts at once, weaving together strands of ideas without the least
> risk of getting confused. I understand all of human history and
> knowledge just as easily as a human could understand a simple
> equation. Hmm, let's start with terraforming Sweden...
> But do you believe the above? It is fairly standard in hypnotherapy to
> positive assertions and declarations so the the "subconscious" can bring
> about the desired effects without interference from the critical mind. I
> happen to belive that post/neohuman is attainable (indeed has been
> attained!) by me, whereas my skull wouldn't hold a brain the size of
> Jupiter.

(Anders) Sure, it makes a lot of sense to live one's life as if you were
already the charismatic intelligent trans/post/ex-human you plan to

OK, we agree on this now.

(Anders) But what I was pointing out is that there is a very real limit
to the utility of this when you just try to be radical.

Yes, we musn't just be radical as a pose, but must carry thru and
instantiate genuine innovations. My posthuman revelations came about as a
result of a discovery in philosophy (MVT, solution to the mind-body problem,
1980 I am radical mainly out of
necessity ...

(Anders) Making grand gestures or imagining oneself to be superhuman is
*fun*, but it better
work well together with real life too.

If it doesn't work, then modify it ...... I don't think there is any value
in 'trying to be' something that basically doesn't suit you or causes you
problems. Not sure what you mean by real life .... is this E-list real life,
for example? Definately is more fun than pretending to be human all your
(one and only ) life-time. I think you could make the case that becoming
neohuman is worth a try just on the fun basis alone!

In the great work

Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 13:56:52 PDT
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: I declare myself a posthuman and will now act as if it is true!!

Steve wrote:
>So the swifter and more positive, radical, option is to declare >yourself
>post- or neohuman at the outset, act as though it were true, >and wait for
>the changes to happen all by themselves!

I now declare myself posthuman! Presto-chango! Tah Dahh! This is great! I
really don't like taking the bus to work so now I can run there today at
speeds up to 120 mph and not even get tired!! I could simply fly but I will
start out small.

With my 400 IQ (yes, off the charts!) and totally photographic memory I will
finally become an honor student! I have an intellect now on par with the
genetically engineered superhumans of the Dan Simmons novel _Brain Child_
which will make my life so much easier. I can now speed-read through a book
and totally master the contents in that time!

I will octuple major in the following subjects, computer sci, business,
biology, history, physics, art, world literature and philosophy. I am going
for a light courseload because I don't want to burden my posthuman self too
much and I will need time for an active social life.

Maybe I will just forget about college for awhile and start up my own
company that sells the brilliant computer software I can now write! Within
a few years or less I will have a net worth in the billions of dollars and
can finally be extremely generous to all my favorite causes.

My "nano touch" makes me into a being of great power for good. Like the
heroine of the "Bohr Maker" I can heal others and easily create what I need
to. Brent and I can straighten out the world now!

I havn't looked in the mirror yet but I know that now I am incredibly
handsome! Between my handsome chiseled features, muscular body and
overwhelming pheromones, I am going to have a hard time fending off all the
beautiful women! I will have to decide on just one! Of course, I will let
her in on our little secret too!

Anders, I realize I have been nowhere as ambitious as you, but I want to
still be relatively human. I hope you will be willing to consult for less
developed posthumans in case we need it! Wow, the things you learn about on
this list....

Is Sweden so inhospitable that it needs terraforming? I thought they had an
earthlike climate there? lol!
Ta John

But your point seems exactly the same one Anders raised, which I refute

Yes, I am aware of flaws in Nietsche's Superman ideas ..... all I suggest is
that we can more easily reach our full potential, whatever it might be, by
using positive affirmations and "neohuman" psycho-dynamic rebirth.
If you read what I actually say ( instead of
assuming that my interpretation of posthuman means "superman" ... I am very
clear in pointing out that "after" human is value judgement free, and does
not imply any unrealistic or improbable improvements.


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