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> I then asked around among the people I know who are law
> buffs, and they were all aware in considerably more detail, it seemed, of
> the same material, although some of them probably fit the categories you
> indicated, for sure. But then, Hitler liked dogs...

I didn't mean to suggest that the text hadn't at one time been considered as
an amendment to the Constitution, but rather that the interpretation seemed
far-fetched. In the context of the period between the two wars with Britain,
it seems perfectly understandable.

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> Keep in mind Greg, that at that point in history, there had been the big
> anti-mason reactions IIRC.

Again, with respect, so? Holding a title within an organization (such as the
masons) couldn't be the target of the proposed text, since "President" and
"Congressman" would also have been outlawed in such a case.

> Frankly I wouldn't mind if there were
> anti-trust actions taken against the bar.

As I wrote before, I'm deeply ambivalent about the state sanctioning of the
bar. On the other hand, as Zero Powers (Austin's little brother?) pointed
out, there's plenty of competition among lawyers (don't I know it!). There's
certainly little or no price effect, as law schools compete like hell for
entrants and there's been plenty of downward pressure on legal fee rates
these last ten years. I can assure you that there's no collusion to support
prices. Poor people may well be underserved by the bar, but I don't know
that allowing anyone to hold themselves out as a lawyer would cure that.

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