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Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 02:23:15 MDT

At 12:32 AM 4/23/00 , you wrote:
>Ok, ok.
>I must read books about extropic art.
>I'm not a pro. I was just a physicist, a bit old-minded too.
>Rome (Italy)

Never mind books, you should begin with Natasha's web pages. I haven't
followed all of this discussion but it seems that you are writing quite a
few posts on this topic without even having glanced at the pioneering
extropic art of transhuman uber-muse Natasha Vita-More. Natasha has been
developing extropic and transhumanist art (and their connection to the
sciences for many years). You might begin with:

You can reach all three of Natasha's web sites from:



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