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> > I suggest that you check out the "missing 13th Amendment." In brief,
> > was a different 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was
> > apparently passed and was on the books of many state governments as the
> > Constitution for many decades in the first half of the 19th Century.
> > missing 13th would basically have outlawed the bar as it stands.
>Well, searching on the term "missing 13th Ammendment", I came up with these
>(which are actually the same piece). With respect, this material strikes
>as paranoid hogwash. The plain language and common-sense historical
>seems to indicate that this text was simply an example of anti-monarchical
>revolutionary rhetoric, mean-spirited aggression toward loyalists and
>anti-British chest-thumping. The interpretation this author puts on the
>is right up there with the best "black helicopter, New World Order, secret
>troops" type lunacy.
> Greg Burch <>----<>

My introduction to the subject came via Cameron Manheim from "The Practice."
  If you follow the Practice links to her own personal page, she has a link
to her brother's site, who she says taught her everything she knows about
the law. So I followed that link and discovered on his site some rather
extensive material on the missing 13th. Her brother teaches law at Loyola,
as I recall. I then asked around among the people I know who are law
buffs, and they were all aware in considerably more detail, it seemed, of
the same material, although some of them probably fit the categories you
indicated, for sure. But then, Hitler liked dogs...
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