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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 14:48:02 MDT

Subj: the Emergent Evolutionary Threshold - Sat., 11:00 pm, Art Bell program
various events next week, etc
From: (Charles Ostman)

>Mike, it really depends on the guest and the subject! I loved the Art Bell
>show interview with Brian Shock of Alcor. He has also had some excellent
>shows with a nanotech expert and also several other good programs with
>scientists (Kikuchi among them) and science fiction writers(such as Greg

>I recommend you go to Art's excellent website and look into his program and
>guest archive.


As to the reference to the Art Bell program, the above rebuttal is well
Indeed, I will actually be the guest on tonight's program (as per detailed

On Saturday, April 22, 11:00pm, the "Emergent Evolutionary Threshold" -
live interview with Charles Ostman will be on the Coast to Coast radio
program . . . formerly hosted by Art Bell, now featuring his successor,
Mike Siegel.

My particular synopsis of the emergent evolutionary eventstream
can be found at:
"The Evolutionary Eventstream"

"The Convergence Syndrome . . . a personal mission statement:"

In essense, the culmination of nanotech, nanobiology, biological metaphors in
computing (including GP and EC), the evolution of the human / internet
and eventual involuntary co-evolution with distributed artificial
intelligences and
collective "physiological organelle" component systems, leading to the
spawning of synthetic sentience as an operational requirement for our
collective evolution . . . this is an emergent, transformative phenomena
which has already become manifest.

web URL's specifically nanotechnology related:

As for upcoming evenstreams of the near future . . .

I will be presenting in Los Angeles - the Millennium 2000 Conference
April 25

Thematic trajectory of presentation -
The Ubiquitous Computing Paradigm - An Emergent Operational Ecology

The infrastructure environment of electronic transactional portal
architectures, and distrubuted process management, integrated with
telecommunications, bi-directional media and egronomically
enhanced "presense" streaming, telepresense on demand,
and "virtual domain" process brokeraging enterprises are in fact subsets
of the larger, emergent operational ecology in which all
transactional processes, knowledge management, distributed intelligence
and communications resource assets merge together into a contiguous
domain of "ubiquitous computing".

be most well . . . enjoy your Easter!

Charles Ostman

**** At the Forefront of Evolving Technologies ****

"What appears to be the future for some, is already the past
for others, who are unfolding it into the present" C. Ostman

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