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From: john grigg (
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 14:18:43 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:
Art Bell???? What is it about Art Bell thats so interesting? I've never
heard so many zoned out loonies as I have when listening to that show, and
they take themselves so seriously. At least Stern is entertaining..

Mike, it really depends on the guest and the subject! I loved the Art Bell
show interview with Brian Shock of Alcor. He has also had some excellent
shows with a nanotech expert and also several other good programs with
scientists (Kikuchi among them) and science fiction writers(such as Greg

I recommend you go to Art's excellent website and look into his program and
guest archive. You can listen to any show he has had without any charge AND
skip over the damn commercials!

I have grown to appreciate Art's personality and life experience. Regarding
Stern, I saw his movie and have seen some of his shows on cable. I like how
his self-depracating sense of humor. Stern is very observant about life,
people and the human condition in his own raunchy way but goes way over the
top at times.

I happen to be fascinated by NDE and haunting accounts as well as UFO
sightings, and so I enjoy the show for that also. Even as a believer in NDE
and UFO's, I find some of the proponents for it credible and others not so.
Am I 100% sure these phoenomena are for real? No, I am not, but I do see it
as a real possibility.

Often, I find myself very irritated by the guests due to their 'new age'
beliefs that are way too 'out there' even for me. Then I simply turn off
the radio and go to sleep.

best wishes,

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