Meteorite Perfume

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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 14:11:07 MDT

(OK, one more post before I go.)

Greg's query about meteorite experts convinced me that I have
to send this following note.

I offer this humor for Genetically-Engineered-Bunny-Day.

(and it's true!)


>From Sky & Telescope Magazine, pg. 22, May 2000 issue.

"Meteorite Perfume"

If you'd like to show up at your next astronomy club meeting smelling
like a piece of ancient space debris, ICI Quest International in
England has created just the thing for you. The company has designed
a fragrance supposedly capturing the essence of carbonaceous
chondrite, the class of meteorite containing the most volatiles. "The
perfumer has retained the characteristic metallic, gunpowder notes,
which were obvious to him," say company spokesperson Linda
Harman. "This fragrance does indeed smell like the meteorite," though
with a few artistic embellishments. It is not yet for sale.



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