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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 10:40:01 MDT wrote:
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> > It wouldn't surprise me if the RC nuts are now starting to incorporate
> > microelectronics and on-board logic to begin to address these things. But
> > of
> > course, the best thing would be to get a relatively high-bandwidth 2-way
> > digital radio circuit going . . .
> Flying is fine...but how about down and dirty? I want to "teleoperate" a
> pursuit to chase down a Texas JackRabbit..
> I did that personally in my younger (and much dumber) days. I'd chase
> jackrabbits via motorcycle pursuit....those suckers can maintain 40mph for a
> short distance.....and then veer off in a random direction with no warning...

I combined the two once when the shadow of my parachute flushed a
rabbit. Yeehah, a target! Damn near broke a leg, and missed the rabbit
by about a meter, but the critter utterly freaked out anyway when I
crashed down next to it.

My other fun skydiving wildlife experience was the time a curious golden
eagle followed me down from 2000 feet, gear down and spoilers out to
match my rate of descent... then it circled and watched while I gathered
up my chute, climbed onto the truck, and rode back to the airport. The
other jumpers were jealous- I just said, "He followed me home- can I
keep him?"

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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