Re: Looking for expert in meteorite identification

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 00:13:05 MDT wrote:
> OK, here's another call for tech help in a weird legal matter. A friend of
> mine is a bankruptcy trustee. One of the estates he's administering is that
> of an amateur geologist. This fellow claims that some material he possesses
> consists of meteorites of a particularly valuable variety. They're looking
> for a geologist familiar with rock of extraterrestrial origin who can
> validate this opinion. For reasons not worth going into here, the expert
> should not be associated with the University of Texas. Any personal leads?

If Amara can't help you, contact my cousin, Andrew Lorrey, at ....

He's a graduate geologist at U Maine Orino, and if he can't help you
personally, he knows the guys who collect meteorites in Antarctica...

> [BTW, the magnetic tape flood damage case took a weird turn - the plaintiff
> testified that all the tapes were inadvertently discarded after the flood . .
> . how convenient!]

Ya, no doubt. No case then?

Mike Lorrey

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